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Internet - part of the information field of the world community. And indicators for the level of development and progress of modern society, the virtual reflection of life, which absorbed all its positive and negative sides. Constituting part of the Internet - websites - not always a source of relevant and reliable information, not always correspond to the norms of morality and law and order, clogging up the global network, as a malicious psevdosaytami exploiting a functional component of the Internet space, to discredit the Internet as an information resource, putting at questioned its value and right to existence. World WebSites Union - the worldwide association websites, accumulates only the best, innovative, most competitive and advanced web-based resources the Internet, providing accurate, reliable information to meet generally accepted criteria, the relevant rules of morality, law and order, creating, thus, an elite association. World WebSites Union - an integrative registry websites have a clear logical structure that allows to quickly find the interesting web-based resources, without resorting to search engines, providing extremely wide range of sites that are not always useful in reality and do not always provide high quality and fast selection of the desired information. World WebSites Union, thanks to an innovative approach and the algorithm of positioning the site in the virtual space provides a stable position in web-based resources, leadership, strong advertising and promotion, World WebSites Union promotes the development of each website individually and across the Internet space as a whole - increasing the number of quality, functional web-based resources, increasing the efficiency of web sites promoting openness, transparency and reliability of web space as a whole. Sites participating World WebSites Union enjoyed an undeniable advantage in an increasingly competitive and information load of virtual space, which is every day becoming more and more saturated. World WebSites Union aims to attract a broad membership web-based resources, have a potential credibility-conscious about his reputation, development, promotion and further successful co-existence in the network to leading positions. Membership in the World WebSites Union - indicator of status, consistency and reliability of the website, the literacy rate and the balanced policy of the administration of web-based resources.
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